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MoistTech had a great time in Miami last week at Tissue World Americas!
Tissue World Americas
MoistTech manufactures a range of on-line sensors and at-line instruments for moisture measurement and real-time moisture process control. The IR3000 is considered by many as being the flag ship of MoistTech’s IR Series of sensors. It has resulted in unmatched performance for tissue moisture measurement and control within all levels of the tissue industry. MoistTech’s independent instruments accurately measures moisture to within 0.05% accuracy. For better moisture control please visit MoistTech.com and discover the IR3000 on-line sensor and the Lab 868 at-line/laboratory. Experience in the tissue process has allowed MoistTech to develop the most accurate on-line, non-contact moisture analyzer for use in processing and many other applications. These sensors are unaffected by product height, flow, ambient light, and temperature and are renowned for their rugged design and ability to withstand the harsh environments of the tissue process.
MoistTech’s IR Series


For more on how MoistTech can improve the quality in your tissue manufacturing: http://moisttech.com.au/paper-moisture