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Monitoring the amount of moisture in crumb rubber is an important facet of rubber production. Too little or too much moisture can have a serious impact on production. By installing MoistTech’s Moisture Transmitter in the processing area, manufacturer’s can continuously monitor the moisture content and make decisions on the basis of real time measurement. All crumb rubber companies that make and process virgin and recycled rubber are concerned about moisture. Optimizing moisture levels not only help during production but also the efficiency of the dryers. It is also important for crumb rubber manufacturers to monitor and test moisture routinely as the accepted level of maximum moisture content is 1 percent CAP (Current Accepted Practice) by weight.
Crumb rubber caneasily become either too wet or dry wasting manufacturer’s time and money as well as impacting the quality of the end product. MoistTech’s IR3000 NIR Moisture Sensor is ideally suited to measure the crumb rubber moisture levels during production. Processors monitor and test moisture for many reasons during crumb rubber production. Too much moisture can cause caking and stop flow during production, lead to acidic conditions causing slower cure rates in compounds, as well as, resulting of poor bonding and adhesion
reduction. Additionally, excess moisture will devalue recycled rubber material, hinder its ability to be used effectively in many applications limiting its use in many applications, especially in molded and extruded products.
molded and extruded products
MoistTech’s Moisture Sensor should be installed several inches above the conveyor, prior to the bailing area. The transmitter should be mounted about 10” from the crumb rubber and perpendicular to the moving conveyor. The sensor can continuously monitor the process and can control the crumb rubber moisture content either manually or automatically in the finished product.
During crumb rubber production the sensor may have to be installed close to dryer outlet where it will be susceptible to extreme heat conditions which may require cooling plates that employ water or air. Additionally, if the environment is excessively steamy, it may be necessary to install an air purge assembly onto the sensor to prevent steam from condensing on the sensor’s viewing window.
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