Plastics Show

MoistTech Will Debut at NPE 2018 – The Plastics Show – This May!

If your business is associated with plastics in any way, this is your “must-attend” event. As the world’s leading plastics trade show and conference, NPE assembles the full array of products, tools, equipment and resources in one efficient venue, providing total coverage of the innovative solutions and emerging technologies that are shaping the future of plastics. Join us at The Plastics Show May 7-11 in Orlando FL – BOOTH W9226.

NPE has been a plastics leader for more than 70 years, unequaled in its ability to bring the entire industry together. Participants include buying teams from over 100 countries and more than 20,000 companies, comprising the entire global plastics supply chain and the full range of end-user markets.

MoistTech Corp. adds a twist to NPE this year by introducing our flagship IR3000 sensor to the Plastics Industry. Moisture measurement and control is an important aspect of the plastic industry for various applications.  

Moisture Control Aspect of Plastics:

The MoistTech 3000 Series On-line Sensors accurately displays the moisture content of resin/plastic pellets, flake or regrind, in % (percent) or PPM (parts per million). Our Online sensors can be installed into any hopper, silo, material line, belt or screw conveyor and the moisture results are displayed on a color touch screen or output on any of our many signal options.

The installation of our On-line sensors prevent bad product due to undesirable resin moisture levels. Whether it was simple regrind material that was under dried, or worse, unusable molds and lost material due to brittle nylons, discoloration, splaying, bubbling, or streaking from over drying; all these are a thing of the past when you integrate MoistTech into your process.

Now you can fine tune your setup to make sure you are putting out a higher quality and more consistent product and ultimately improve your bottom line. Save money, time and prevent negative results due to inconsistencies and human error. Offline Moisture Analyzers utilize a sample size that is too small to be a true representation and is ineffective at preventing bad product because the product has already been produced by the time the test is done.


Our YouTube channel is a great place to find videos of our sensor installations and applications – check them out here!