Ceramics Expo 2018 Features MoistTech Corp. 

Ceramics Expo brings together manufacturers and engineers from across the medical, automotive, electronics, aerospace, defense and energy sectors to source new materials and technologies. Join MoistTech at the Ceramics Expo and network with like-mided professionals and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the ceramic industry. 

MoistTech will be on hand in BOOTH 331 to discuss your moisture measurement and control options in the ceramics application industry. Be sure to come by and see the LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS throughout the show featuring our flagship IR3000 gauge. 

How Often Does Moisture Effect Your Ceramic Products?

Ceramics Expo

Moisture content is a critical parameter for ceramic manufacturing and processing. It is vital to the correct operation of the dryer to within 0.1% content.

Whether you are producing raw material or processing that raw material into ceramic products, moisture is key to achieving the best quality end product.

Ceramic products have many advantages over products constructed from other materials. Ceramic properties include wear resistance, high strength, long life, heat resistance, porosity, and non-toxicity. However—none of these qualities can be achieved without the proper manufacturing process and the constant supervision and regulation of moisture content.

Unlike other instrumentation of this type, some of the unique features of the IR3000 is that it is able to monitor the product even with small gaps in product flow and is unaffected by ambient light without impacting the accuracy. The IR3000 is also ideal for installations on chain conveyors and screw conveyors.

The sensor(s) can be located throughout the process and can be directly connected to the users PLC or any laptop. Ethernet 4-20 ma are included as well as our high-tech Windows operating software.

Ideally a moisture control system should be able to accurately detect moisture in raw materials, preferably at different stages of the manufacturing process, be easy to maintain and tough enough to withstand the harsh, abrasive nature of the raw materials and the mixer environment

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