Obtaining accurate
moisture level measurements of dried fruits and vegetables is critical during
the production process. Without proper moisture levels, the snacks may be too
moist, and thereby prone to mold, or too dry, and light for their weight. 
 MoistTech’s IR3000 moisture sensor for dried fruits and vegetables to
continuously measure moisture levels during the production process. This
improves end product quality while reducing waste and downtime. The IR3000
exceeds similar competitor products in performance and flexibility, offering
immediate, non-contact measurements. In addition to moisture readings, the IR3000
can effectively measure oil, temperature, sugar, and more, making it an
incredibly versatile device.
Dried Fruit & Vegetable Moisture Detection
Benefits of Dried Fruit & Vegetable
Moisture Detection
While other moisture
sensors may yield inconsistent results, you won’t have that issue with the IR3000.
We pride ourselves on our consistent, accurate results. At MoistTech, we
understand your need to minimize costs without sacrificing product quality. With
the IR3000 you’ll be set.
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