Measuring the moisture
In the corrugating industry, controlling product moisture levels is absolutely critical to the manufacturing process. Moisture content has a drastic effect on quality and can lead to problems with warping, glue adhesion, and printability. Measuring the moisture at linear, medium, and face locations will yield significant improvements to the finished product.
MoistTech’s IR3000 Analyzer for corrugated board. This first ever Smartsensor is unsurpassed in performance and reliability, and provides the ability to control the process with an accuracy of +/- .01% moisture.
Moisture in corrugated board is a well documented and well understood application. Measurement wavelengths, algorithms, and calibration parameters are preset before installation making the sensor a plug and playdevice. Mounted on a traversing frame, the IR3000 can scan across the paper web to obtain crossweb moisture profiles which allows detection of wet and dry streaks in the material. The sensor can also be installed for single point measurement beneficial for analyzing moisture levels near the edges.
In board plants, the sensor is often installed in extreme heat locations typically near a preheater. In these situations, the gauge is fitted with a built in Vortex Air Cooling System to optimize performance and extend the life of the instrument. Furthermore, the environment in board plants can be very moist so IR3000 comes standard with an air   diffuser nozzle which prevents condensation from collecting on the sensors optical window