Measuring moisture online and instantly to within 0.01% accuracy can be a challenge for any instrumentation manufacture. However, MoistTech’s NEW model HDX 8500 series NIR sensors now have developed the ability to not only to be able to measure instantly without contact with the product but to levels never before possible in chemical powders.

Where closed systems are present MoistTech’s inline sampler can be installed. Made for use in the harshest of environments MoistTech Online sensors consist of stainless steel components with sapphire windows.

Recent installations in plant locations in Texas and Alabama measuring powders such as Talc, PVC and phosphate have reported accuracies of 0.01% on process applications where moisture levels are below 1%. The HDX 8500 also has the capability of measuring plastics such as PVB, polyethylene, PVA to within PPM levels.

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