NIR Meter


Instant, online or offline NIR meter reading from MoistTech provide unbeatable accuracy in detecting out-of-spec parameters. With more than 40 years of experience in online process measurements and lab instrumentation, MoistTech is the world leader in NIR (Near Infrared) meter technology. We have incorporated our customer feedback and our research and extensive knowledge to develop a superior sensor design.

Find an NIR Meter for Every Moisture Application

At MoistTech, we offer world-class accuracy for measuring moisture, coating thickness, oil, or nicotine. With state-of-the-art non-drift optical design, our meters can be found in process control of many industries, including:

Depend on a Proven Company

Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, MoistTech also has offices in California, New England, The Netherlands, and Australia that provide sales and support worldwide for outstanding customer service. We offer guaranteed customer satisfaction for your measurement needs.

Use NIR Sensors Online for Cost-Savings in Production

Use NIR meters or sensors online for real-time measurement and control of the manufacturing process. Quickly make adjustments for out-of-spec readings to minimize the amount of scrap produced and reduce downtime on the line. Our sensors can be connected by RS232 or Ethernet to your controlling computer or network.

Use NIR Sensors Offline for Convenience

Our meters and sensors can be used stand-alone to provide:

  • A portable quality control device
  • An accurate measurement in field test situations
  • A quick, precise non-destructive lab measurement

Obtain More Information about Our NIR Meters

Contact us for details about our NIR meters. Our highly-experienced engineers would love to talk with you about your measurement application requiring an NIR meter. Request a quote today to see how competitive we can be.