MoistTech was recently featured in the latest issue of Tobacco Asia regarding the announcement of version 3 of our 828 tobacco moisture analyzer.
This is the third upgrade in 10 years, and we are certainly keeping up with our mantra:
 MoistTech – on the leading edge of NIR technology.



828 tobacco moisture analyzer
MoistTechs sensors have outperformed all major suppliers’ equipment in head to head moisture testing evaluations. The IR3000/828 Tobacco Moisture Sensor has proven to be the most accurate over all tobacco process moisture ranges. Having the correct moisture levels in Tobacco has become a critical component during the various stages of production. Processors are constantly adjusting moisture and heat during the conditioning process to maintain the quality of their product. With the help of industry partners and 30 years of knowledge and experience, MoistTech has developed the IR 3000/828 Tobacco Moisture Sensor that is ideally suited to measure the moisture levels in leaf processing, expanded, cut and reconstituted tobacco.
Leaf Processing
Cut Lamina
Reconstituted Tobacco
Chewing Tobacco
Cigar/Pipe Tobacco
Primary Processing
Whole Leaf