MoistTech pretzel moisture


By installing the MoistTech pretzel moisture sensor
at the exit of the ovens, close to packaging, will allow the pretzels time to
stabilize while cooling. The sensor should be installed several inches above
the belt or screw conveyor so that a baker can continuously monitor the process
and can control the moisture content either manually or automatically in the
finished product. If the pretzels
have gone through an oil spray, it is important to install the sensor at an
angle to cut down any reflectance from the oil coating.


installing the MoistTech pretzel moisture
If the sensor has to be installed close to the oven
outlet where it will be susceptible to extreme heat conditions, it is necessary
to cool the sensor with either air or water. Furthermore, if the sensor is
located near an oil spray, it is necessary to clean the sensor’s optical window
during regular routine cleaning.



MoistTech is very experienced with the
requirements in the production of pretzels and snack foods. Our sensor
calibrations, measurement wavelengths, algorithms and sensor optical
requirements are pre-set at the factory. 


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