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Waste Expo 2018 – Las Vegas

For the first time, MoistTech Corp. will attend the 2018 Waste Expo in Las Vegas, NV representing the Moisture Measurement and Control arm for Waste-to-Energy Recycling. In recent applications, MoistTech Corp. has proven success in Waste-To-Energy and Renewable Energy applications. See our application video here.

Come and tackle all of your waste & recycling challenges at the industry’s most valuable event! Waste Expo promises to deliver in technology and innovation with its 50th Anniversary show. From across the street and around the globe, you’ll meet waste and recycling peers, experts and top solution providers. Learn and share best practices, and walk away with meaningful new contacts. There’s no other event that brings the industry together! MoistTech Corp. invites you to attend Waste Expo 2018 with our FREE PASSES – we will be hosting live demonstrations of our sensor in BOOTH 247 throughout the show. Be sure to stop by and see us in action!

If you would like free passes to the show, send us an inquiry and reference “Free Waste Expo Tickets!”

Are You Controlling the Moisture in Your Waste Application?

In waste-to-energy facilities, controlling the ash residue is a critical concern of plant operators. After combustion, the ash residue that is left, is sprayed with water to reduce dust and odors which is then transported to landfills/moonfuls. However, too much or too little moisture can create several problems for waste-to-energy plants. By integrating MoistTech’s IR3000 online NIR Moisture Sensor into the process, processors can monitor and control 100% of the ash. Waste Expo

Managing the ash residue is important step for many reasons at incineration facilities around the world. From minimizing the possibility of ash dust inhalation and ingestion of employees, to preventing ash being absorbed into the environment, as well as, to lowering transportation costs due to weight. With MoistTech’s NIR Moisture sensor operators will be able to instantly and continuously measure ash moisture and control these problems.

Preventing airborne dust and controlling weight of the ash, MoistTech recommends installing a sensor after combustion and moisture spray. From past installations and depending on the matrix of the ash, the optimum moisture range is 15-18% with a target of 15% for control of dust and weight of the ash. The moisture content lowest point is 12-14% before the ash becomes airborne and above 25% moisture the ash turns into mud that contains surface moisture (liquid) making it very heavy and expensive to haul away.

See you in Las Vegas!