ICE Asia 2018 Takes Place This Fall

Join MoistTech Corp. in Bangkok Thailand September 5-7 2018 for ICE – the International Converting Exposition. ICE South East Asia is the only dedicated events for the conversion of flexible, web-based materials, such as paper, film, foil and nonwovens in this region. ICE South East Asia presents a platform for manufacturers and suppliers to improve their networks, expand their operations and be ready to meet the current and future expectations of their customers in the region. In additional, ICE South East Asia will also provide the opportunity for professionals in the field to meet, discuss, learn and networking in an environment that has not been available at this scale before in the region. Educational session, seminars, conference, and workshops are also planned to take place during the 3 days of the exhibition.

Moisture Control in the Converting Industry

MoistTech manufactures on-line and off-line measurements sensors for moisture, coat weight and coating thickness. The MoistTech IR3000, line of Infrared sensors is your solution to measure coat weight or moisture directly and many types of coatings of finished products.

In the corrugating industry, controlling product moisture levels is critical to the manufacturing process. Moisture content has a drastic effect on quality and can lead to problems with warping, glue adhesion, and printability. Measuring the moisture at linear, medium, and face locations will yield significant improvements to the finished product. This first ever “Smart” sensor is unsurpassed in performance and reliability, and provides the ability to control the process with an accuracy of +/- .01% moisture.

Our range of sensors and gauges can measure moisture content and thickness coatings in almost any type of application including harsh applications and environments where other gauges could easily break down. MoistTech sensors currently operate in over tens of thousands of applications worldwide and we are confident our technology will help you provide a better-quality product, increased production and add money to your bottom line. With over 40 years of moisture analyzer and transmitter experience we understand the savings and potential increase with improved productivity.

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MoistTech’s YouTube channel is full of videos of our sensors in action – check them out here