Infrared Moisture Sensor

With the invention of infrared moisture sensors, it became easy to measure the amount of moisture in many different substances during the manufacturing process. By keeping a tight rein on the amount of moisture allowed in the product, industries have been able to save a lot of money through energy savings, rework time, and scrap costs. Product consistency and quality improved, too.

MoistTech, the industry leader in moisture measurement has developed a new generation of infrared moisture sensors that offer additional features to the market.

Look for the Best Accuracy Available

With more than 40 years in the moisture measurement field, MoistTech has created the world class IR 3000 moisture sensor. If offers many advantages. The results are instant, reliable, and repeatable. It offers a proprietary optical system that is several times more efficient than our competitors. The high-speed motor means hundreds more measurements per second.

Use the Special Design to Fit Your Environment

Our Infrared moisture sensors are unaffected by ambient light, dust, heat or humidity. They are designed to be used in harsh factory environments. Measurements are non-contact with our non-drift design. You will find them to be unaffected by:

      • Gaps in materials
      • Changes in color
      • Particle height
      • Particle size

Mount the Sensor or Hand Carry It

The MoistTech sensors can be mounted above the assembly line and connected to your RS232 or Ethernet computer networks for ease of control and simplicity in communicating with the operator and engineering staff.

Others may choose to carry the sensor to various locations for spot checks of moisture for QA purposes. The sensor can be mounted on a stand for lab work or carried into the field to confirm measurements at a customer site.

Contact Us Today for More Information about Infrared Moisture Sensors

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