Join MoistTech in London this Spring for Global Cement Processing! Global CemProcess is the new conference and exhibition for the cement industry that looks at process optimization, de-bottle-necking, production maximization and troubleshooting. With over 2500 cement plants around the world, many of them in sold-out or in hyper-competitive markets, the drive for each additional tonne of production and for process efficiency is ever-more important. Global CemProcess will take place in London, the easy-to-access world city with direct transport links to over 300 cities via its six airports. A variety of hotel and accommodation options are available for every budget. 

24 – 25 April 2017, London, UK

MoistTech has over 40 years of experience in the Cement manufacturing industry and has all the tools necessary to help you provide a superior product to your competitors and increase your customer satisfaction! Learn About On-Line CCS-3000 Sensor