Corrugated Moisture Control

During the manufacturing process corrugated moisture control is extremely important. Proper monitoring and adjustment of corrugated moisture, can lead to a higher quality product. The porous properties of corrugated board make corrugated moisture control extremely important. Too wet or dry can lead to curling and other issues. This results in loss of time and money.

The Superior System

Because corrugated moisture control is so important, the MoistTech team has combined 40 years in the moisture control industry along with the opinions of customers to make corrugated moisture control easier and more precise. Our IR-3000 online and offline systems will streamline the process of your corrugated moisture control.

Why MoistTech for your Corrugated Moisture Control

The IR-3000 is designed to not only be more accurate but to be low maintenance as well. An initial calibration is all it takes and it’s ready to go. The IR-3000 uses NIR and RF technology to take precise measurements in percentage wet and percentage dry, allowing you to make real time adjustments either automatically or manually making it much easier to monitor your corrugated moisture.

Installing Your Corrugated Moisture Control System

When installing your IR-3000 for corrugated moisture control, it’s important to remember that it is most effective when installed at an angle to the web on which the board is transported. When installing the sensor in areas with extreme heat, the sensor will need to be protect so you will want it installed in an insulated box with a vortex cooler.

Contact MoistTech about Corrugated Moisture Control

At MoistTech, we understand that time is money. We know that you want to get the highest quality product out to your consumers in the most efficient manner possible. With support centers throughout the world, MoistTech is ready and willing to help you with your corrugated moisture control. Contact us today.